File under “take your own advice”

George Mason University economics professor Don Bourdreaux blogging over at Cafe Hayek (a crackerjack site if you haven’t already checked it out in the “Sites I Like” section) has some good advice for left-liberals who want private companies to start instituting some Orwellian-sounding thing called “unconscious-bias training.” He writes in a post which initially was a letter to a Wall Street Journal article on the matter:

You report that increasing numbers of U.S. firms insist that their employees undergo “unconscious-bias training” in order to rid employees of any harmful yet hidden prejudices that they might bring into the workplace (“Bringing Hidden Biases Into the Light,” Jan. 10).

It’s well and good that “diversity experts” are paid to raise employees’ awareness of their unrecognized biases against people of color, against young people, against old people, against obese people, and against people who graduated from different colleges.  But why not expand “unconscious-bias training” so that “Progressives” themselves can personally benefit from the exercise?

How about “unconscious-bias training” to raise “Progressives’” awareness of their own bigotries – such as their biases against successful entrepreneurs and investors, against consensual capitalist acts, against people who oppose social engineering, and against those of us who sense that programs such as ”unconscious-bias training” smack less of useful worker training and more of “Progressive” indoctrination?

As the first line of your report reads, “Everyone has hidden biases.”

Donald J. Boudreaux


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