Founder of Greenpeace sees anti-GMO activists as committing a “crime against humanity”

And he’s right. Preventing something like Golden Rice, which is genetically infused with Beta Carotene to increase Vitamin A deficiency, a lack of which causes blindness, is a crime against humanity.

Patrick Moore, Greenpeace founder, makes a persuasive case for allowing Golden Rice:

Genetic engineering (or genetic modification, often called GM, the products being genetically modified organisms, or GMOs) is an entirely organic procedure. In this sense it resembles conventional breeding (sexual reproduction) as it does not require chemicals or radiation to produce changes in the DNA of the product. Genetic modification simply involves moving a small piece of organic DNA from one plant or animal to another. It is very precise in that the DNA that is moved is known to be responsible for expressing the desired trait in the species being modified.

Conventional breeding is a slow and imprecise process. It can take many generations and many failed efforts to finally develop an improved variety of food crop in this way. Some traits simply can’t be developed through sexual reproduction. For many decades now, plant breeders have used a couple of shortcuts to develop new varieties without going though the laborious breeding procedure. These are referred to as chemical mutagenesis and nuclear mutagenesis. Both techniques are used to induce mutations in the DNA of crop plants in the hope of generating desirable traits. The vast majority of mutations are useless, detrimental, or even fatal. But on occasion a mutation occurs that improves some aspect of the plant’s growth, productivity, resistance to disease, or other factors. It is very much a scattergun approach.

There is no reason why we shouldn’t welcome this radical contribution to human welfare that heroic scientists, farmers, and companies are struggling to engineer amidst at tidal wave of destructive and violent anti-science extremism from anti-GMO activists, as well as superstition seeping into legislative action.

I’m so thankful for pro-humanitarian and food progress heroes like Patrick Moore. It’s because of them we’re seeing huge advances in GMO tech to benefit global flourishing (see here, here, here).

Justice will eventually prevail and given the liberty to do so, we will end hunger as we know it.


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