IRS considering rules that would further gut First Amendment freedom

I urge readers of this blog who love free speech to head over to, a project set up by the pro-First Amendment group Center for Competitive Politics to fight the IRS’s proposed guidelines for further restricting Americans’ ability to come together, form nonprofit advocacy groups, and raise and spend money for the purpose of political speech.

These rules are effectively the IRS’s way of saying “if you like your First Amendment, you can keep it” and seemingly randomly appeared right before Thanksgiving so as to not attract any attention. This is a transpartisan issue that affects all of us. In a free society, there MUST be institutions which we all put above short-term political gain. One of the most vital of those institutions is completely free, unregulated political speech.

You can have your voice heard by writing your own comment condemning the IRS, or send a pre-written comment provided for you if you aren’t sure about what to say. Commenters have the option of being anonymous and are not required to submit personal information when commenting on proposed regulations.

It’s your free speech. Fight for it!


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