Time to Fight for Free Speech

Every supporter of the natural right to unlimited free speech and free association in elections, be you liberal, conservative, or libertarian, should be outraged at Senate Democrats’ current extremist campaign to repeal the First Amendment for all Americans, save for a select few who parrot their talking points in the establishment press that are given a special class exemption status.

Despite the completely faux populist rhetoric about stopping “Big Money” from “buying elections,” the controlling of political speech via campaign finance “reform” has historically always solely been about protecting incumbent politicians and their (Big Moneyed, I might add) special interest allies from competing outsider candidates and ideas in the political marketplace through disproportional enforcement against cash-strapped citizen challenger campaigns that often need large contributions of funds to combat against the innumerable advantages of incumbency.

Where this amendment to pass, any “reasonable” free speech you have will be a wholly writ of privilege from the State, able to be rescinded at anytime and for any purpose that the political class deems “unreasonable” (i.e., threatens their reelection).