Live blogging during the Kentucky Senate debate

I will be live blogging during the marquee Senate race between Leader McConnell and challenger Grimes. This is a key race that is likely going to determine who controls the US Senate. McConnell, a veteran attack dog of establishment politics, and Grimes, a beneficiary of a politically astute family, will likely have the knives out.

On the larger picture, I’ve taken quite the long break from this blog because I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with it, what I want it to be. Up until now I’ve mainly made it about my political opinions, which, though I enjoy expressing, are a bit like a phrase that involves a certain bodily orifice that everyone has.

Accordingly, I want to make this blog more about current events and investigations, about real substantive political commentary and reporting that makes a meaningful impact in readers’ lives.

Local issues will get the same thrift as national ones. More to come soon!