Another Brutal Police Shooting Brings the Reality of Government Murder Home



This time in the city of North Charleston, South Carolina. Officer Michael Slager, a White man, shot and killed Black man Walter Scott as he fled an encounter. Slager discharged his weapon a full eight times.

According to Slater, he feared for his life after he pulled over Scott’s vehicle for a broken tail light. However, video captured of the event show nothing like Slager’s account. In it, Scott, himself middle-aged and older than Slager, is shown running away from the officer in a lumbering fashion as Slager unloads eight shots into him. Scott is presumed to have fallen to ground dead.

The video also shows Slager rushing over to the body to put him in hand cuffs after the fact and then placing a taser near the body. Slager later allegedly got on the police radio to inform his dispatcher that shots were fired and that the suspect had taken his taser.

But is it just me or are these police murder crimes not only getting more and more frequent, but also more and more blatant? With the Ferguson homicide, there was at least a disputed story. Not so with the North Charleston shooting.

Police in this country are out of control and action needs to be taken in two fundamental steps: 1) we need more regulations on police activity that includes mandatory tamper-proof body cameras. Also, state governments should pass laws setting up local citizen review boards where all criminal police misconduct can be referred to and that have real investigative and subpoena power of all witnesses and evidence involved. 2) We need to repeal as many arbitrary rules and regulations on citizens that make deadly run ins on like this more likely. The North Charleston shooting was instigated by a broken tail light. Laws like these are meant as revenue generators for cash-strapped local governments, not public safety. Also, the choking of Eric Gardner in Staten Island, NY, a Black man killed by a White police officer, was the result of the accused being suspected of selling “loosies,” which are single untaxed cigarettes.

Americans need to take a good hard look at their police forces and their government as whole and ask themselves if they want to live in a country where you can willfully murder the same people you’re supposed to “protect & serve” if you have a badge.


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