Rubio Running For President

(Photocredit: Politico)

(Photocredit: Politico)

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, in an announcement in Miami, FL that wrapped up a few minutes ago, is running for president. The speech was bold in language and sparse in detail, but from a political standpoint it was very effective.

The immigrant narrative was heavy in the speech. Rubio alluded to his parents coming to America after the Castro coup in Cuba. That plays well and could really give Hillary Clinton a run for her money.

In the primaries, while Rubio is popular among donors, there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm for him in the early primary and caucus states. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz seem to be locking down the Tea Party insurgent vote.

However, if either or both of those candidates flame out early there could be an opening. But it is more likely Rubio’s chief rival will be Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is considered a base favorite but is also largely acceptable to donors and the GOP establishment.

Look for Rubio and Walker attacking each other in the months to come before the caucuses and primaries.


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