Jim Webb, Last Of The Old Jeffersonian Democrats

(Photocredit: Wikipedia)

(Photocredit: Wikipedia)

Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb has announced that he is running for president–by a simple Facebook post. The announcement marks a very different tact taken by most candidates, who, like Texas Senator Ted Cruz or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, have opted for big announcement speeches in from of adoring crowds, or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who chose to announce via a several-minute long video that was more reminiscent of a life insurance commercial than a presidential campaign.

Webb himself seems like a man who is very much out of step with today’s Democratic party on economic issues. He talks more about growing the economy and expanding opportunity, rather than sticking to the cheap demagoguery of Bernie Sanders, who claim that if only Washington had more power and money everyone would live like kings.

The Virginia Democrat speaks more like a libertarian-leaning populist, who is mad as hell about the wars and America’s braggadocio foreign policy.

But while this is a rare trait in today’s “progressive” Democrats, hellbent on using government to “save” America and the world, the old-fashioned Jefferson-Jackson-Cleveland brand of the party, with it’s emphasis on personal freedom, limited government, and peace toward all nations, have a long and (mostly) proud history, although clearly on the issue of race there is much to be desired.

Unfortunately, that legacy appears to be dead and no serious commentator gives Webb any chance against the hyper-corporatist centralizer, Hillary Clinton.