Boise Beat…

City of Boise Idaho Winter(Boise, ID. Photo credit: The Knowles Gallery)

Since The Forgotten Beard is nationally and internationally available for all to consume, I think it’s appropriate at this time to disclose that I am a native and resident of Boise, Idaho (if you’re not sure where that is, consult your nearest Google Earth or Maps icon).

I tell you all this because from time to time I will be blogging about things on the happening side of my fair city, which will be titled under the aforementioned heading “Boise Beat.” Yes, these posts will include local and state politics, but I will also be mentioning culture, art, music, theatre, sports, recreation, and just random shit I film and take pictures of, as well as the general goings-on in my totally tubular life (you know I’m cool because I use uptodate slang).

My first post will be about the tension between Boise’s established restaurant class and the growing number of mobile food trucks and what that says about the growing food liberty movement. You can find the main article I’ll be referencing here.

Stay tuned (and classy), y’all!